Tips from friends

Posted by Neil Harrison on 22nd December 2016

During December we asked some bloggers to turn their thoughts to how people can live a greener lifestyle at this time of year. They set their ideas to digital paper and here is what they had to say.

First up was Rebecca from Figs & Pigs. She tackled the topic of eating greener by including local in-season produce in your meals. The pictures of the celeriac and pasta recipe will definitely get you thinking about your dinner.

Next we had Chanetelle of The Girl in a Tartan Scarf. Christmas is a time for giving but the best intentions of the giver do not always hit the mark. Chantelle has 4 great tips on what to do should there be something under your Christmas tree that is just not for you.

Nobody wants their guests to leave hungry on Christmas Day. Which is why so many homes will cook far more food than they really need. Graeme from A Scots Larder suggests a few options for Christmas leftovers, including a delicious recipe for a leftover turkey curry.

Finally, if you have stocked up as the thought of the supermarket closing for a day sends a shiver down your spine or you have been severely tempted by those festive special offers, Mairi from AGuide2Me has blogged about how to avoid wasting food by being smart with what we buy and some other words of wisdom.

My piece of festive advice. A Christmas jumper is not just for the office. So don't just crank up the thermostat at home. Pop on your festive fashion and be as happy as Andy Murray.