Posted by Alex Crate on 24th March 2016

Luke Robertson, the first Scot to conquer the South Pole solo and unsupported is helping Scotland to tackle climate change by encouraging us all to walk those shorter – or longer journeys depending how adventurous you’re feeling. He’s shared with us a walking playlist that has got him through some of his biggest expeditions.  

His epic journey across the Antarctic landscape and training trips to Norway and Greenland had a profound effect on Luke, who saw just how important it is for everyone to play a part in protecting the environment for future generations.

There are so many benefits to walking, that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the picturesque glaciers and icebergs of the South Pole in front of you, there’s plenty motivation to making it a part of your daily routine and help Scotland fight climate change.

  • Walking is healthy and free and can be easier than you might think.
  • Walking can relieve stress, boost your mood and improve your overall health.
  • Travelling to work is a great way of sneaking in exercise without you realising.
  • If you’re on the school run, it’s a great opportunity to spend some extra quality time with the kids.
  • Get your friends to join you and turn it into a social session.

So get your headphones and trainers at the ready and check out Luke’s slamming recommendations of tunes to accompany your walk this spring.

Walk the Earth - King Biscuit

Float on - Modest Mouse

Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

Rio - Netsky

Goldust - DJ Fresh

1901 - Phoenix

Keep on Moving - 5ive

For more information on Luke Robertson and his expeditions, check out his website: