The Ultimate Guide to Washing at 30°

Posted by Alex Crate on 4th December 2015

Saving energy isn’t all about turning down your radiators and switching off the lights; it can be as simple as putting on a wash at 30° degrees. By washing at a lower temperature, you’ll cut electricity by around 40 per cent every time. 

We recently teamed up with Scottish lifestyle blogger, Forever Yours Betty, to see just how easy washing at 30° can be. From cottons and wools, to delicates and dainties, she’s got washing nailed. She found that turning down the heat can extend the life of her precious threads, saving money (and energy) while doing it. 

In the words of the style aficionado (and washing queen): “the key to doing your washing is to not only preserve the life of your clothes, but also lower the price of your electricity bills.”

Read her guide to making the most from your wash:

Guide to washing at 30°

If you’d like to find out more on reducing your energy bills at home, call Home Energy Scotland on: 0808 808 2282 or request a callback. Help and support is available for people of all circumstances and even better, you could find out how to reduce your bills with just one call. 

Washing at 30° here we come!