Take the active travel road and walk away the winter blues

Posted by admin on 25th November 2016

Just thinking about winter is enough to give us the shivers. Dark nights, chilly mornings… it’s tempting to stay in bed and avoid the morning commute.

But life – and work – goes on. Whatever the weather.

Once we’re on our way, it’s not nearly as bad as we feared. That’s because the Gulf Stream protects Scotland from the very worst winter weather. In fact, some parts of Scotland get less rain in a year than parts of Morocco, Barcelona… even Sydney in Australia!

Besides, there’s no such thing as bad weather. Just the wrong clothes.

So keep moving on

If you’re used to walking to work, you already know it helps you arrive refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Experts reckon around 20 minutes a day of outdoor exercise during the winter months has a positive impact on our mood, it chases away the winter blues and gives us a healthy blast of daylight – even when it’s a bit cloudy.

Almost half of our journeys are less than two miles, easy to walk, whatever the weather.

Plus this kind of active travel saves money. Take the car and it’ll cost 13p to 15p per mile, plus parking charges.

Feeling weather wary? Don’t be. Here’s how to turn your walk to work into a real winter warmer.

Stride it out

Active travel, like walking to work, makes us happier and healthier by releasing ‘feel good’ endorphins and eating up those calories – better than fuming in a traffic jam.

Plus it’s the perfect chance to layer up and get full use of your warm winter coats and boots.

If you fancy a fresh look, search out a great vintage buy and make a unique fashion statement.

Crunch through the fresh snow in your snazzy boots, kick up the leaves and make a statement in colourful scarf and gloves, funky hat and cute ear muffs. 

Power up your walk

Now turn your walk to work into some ‘me’ time.

  • Listen to an audio book, a podcast or polish up your summer holiday Spanish on the go, but do ensure you are aware of your surroundings.
  • March on to a playlist of songs selected to get you striding to the beat. Better still, take a tip from the experts and make your own playlist. Get Stayin’ Alive on and do the walk!
  • Online maps are a great way to find new routes. 
  • Set yourself little challenges using apps, gadgets and fitness wristbands which count steps or calories, treat you to badges for your efforts and motivate you to keep going.

DO: Download Greener Scotland’s Journeys app to find how your commute is helping prevent harmful emissions.

DON’T: Be put off by the weather. Wear warm, waterproof clothing and enjoy the walk

Fuel up

Active travel means indulging in a good breakfast. A bowl of warm porridge will give you the energy to get going.

There are lots of great ideas here to inspire and warm you from the inside out.

The little things we do now will have a big impact on Scotland in the future.

So own this winter.

It’s only weather, after all.

If cycling is more your active commute, we have that covered too.