Sparkle at home with LED bulbs

Posted by Alex Crate on 17th December 2015

‘Living more sustainably can be as easy as changing your light bulb’

As the day light hours grow ever shorter, there’s no doubt lighting up our homes at winter helps to make us feel safe and cosy against the cold.

While it’s always tempting at this time of year to simply dust off our old Christmas light decorations to create some yuletide ambience, there’s better and more stylish ways to bring festive cheer into our homes.

After switching its entire lighting range to LED, John Keeler, Lighting Sales Leader for IKEA UK shares his top tips on how living more sustainably at home can be as easy as changing your light bulb.

“Lighting plays a vital role in our life at home. As well as creating a welcoming space to relax, work and play it also allows us to do the many things we love doing like spending quality moments with our friends and family.

We rely on illuminating our homes so much so that around a quarter of the world’s energy consumption is used for lighting. That’s a colossal amount of electricity used to brighten our homes from the dark. 

To make sustainable living at home easier, beautiful and more affordable, IKEA has switched its entire lighting range to energy-efficient LED. 

What’s great about LED bulbs is that they use eighty five per cent less energy than incandescent bulbs and have a lifespan of 25000 hours. These little bulbs maybe small, but they make a huge difference not just to your wallet but also to the planet.

With LED you don’t have to choose between a beautiful light and a sustainable light. They’re one in the same. And if you’ve started a love affair with a lamp, don’t worry; there’s an LED light bulb to fit existing light fittings.

LED light fittings and lamps come in a range of stylish designs to suit all types of home interiors and lifestyles. So this Christmas why not make a small difference to your own carbon footprint by simply choosing LED for brighter festive holiday moments?”