Rugbytots tackling climate change

Posted by Neil Harrison on 19th March 2016

Rugbytots parents joined forces at Holyrood High School in Edinburgh to show their support for the Scottish Government’s latest campaign which launched last month with the message ‘saving the world isn’t just for the movies.’

The campaign  highlights how making greener and cleaner lifestyle choices is easier than many Scots think, through taking action like washing clothes at a lower temperature, avoiding and recycling food waste, leaving the car at home to walk shorter journeys and turning your thermostat down by just one degree.

Washing at 30 degrees uses around 40 per cent less electricity than a higher temperature cycle and the gentler wash can extend the lifespan of clothes meaning cost-saving in the long term.

Climate Change Minister, Aileen McLeod said:

“It’s fantastic to see Rugbytots show its support in the fight against climate change. By taking on board simple actions every day, like switching to a 30 degree wash, we can all play our part in reducing our impact on the environment.

“These small actions, if repeated across all Scottish households, would be a highly positive collective step forward. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire more Scots to contribute in making Scotland a cleaner, greener place to live now and in the future.”

Rugbytots is Scotland’s first rugby programme for pre-school children, aged two to seven, and is designed to develop skills in a fun and enjoyable environment. It was established in Scotland in 2014 by former professional rugby player, Carl McWilliam and his wife, Kirsty. 

Rugbytots owner and parent, Carl McWilliam said:

“We’ve got thousands of parents with active kids who are washing clothes on a daily basis. This is a great opportunity to reach out and encourage more mums and dads to think about washing clothes at a lower temperature which can save energy and help make a difference to our environment. We’re really glad to be supporting the Scottish Government in its climate change drive and hope to inspire others to see how easy it can be to adopt some very simple changes every day.”