Recycle Week with Sew Confident

Posted by admin on 24th June 2015

With a little help from Sew Confident you could be sewing up a storm this Recycle Week.

We often throw out clothes and fabric items that we no longer need. However, if you take a second to see the potential in your old clothes you might be surprised at what you can do with them.

Having some basic sewing skills will go a very long way. Get yourself to a sewing class and it will save you a fortune. You'll be able to hem your own trousers, replace broken zips and fix rips and holes. We run sewing classes all over Scotland from absolute beginners up to advanced dressmaking classes. All machines and equipment are included in the price so all you have to bring is yourself. We even have dedicated upcycling classes aimed at fixing and reworking your current wardrobe, making yourself something new and unique.

Here are our top recycling and upcycling tips for your wardrobe contents:

Make a tote - everyone has become very aware of their plastic bag consumption recently, opting for long lasting fabric options instead. Why not make a personalised tote bag for yourself by using a plain curtain as the base fabric. You could cut out felt shapes and use fabric glue or the sewing machine to applique them onto the bag. The internet is a great source of printable templates for anything you like.

Or an apron - curtain fabric is also great for making a basic apron. Check out this tutorial on our website.

Dig out those duvet sets - everyone has a cupboard full of duvet sets that never see the light of day. These are another great source of fabric and the cool cotton is perfect for summer pyjama bottoms. There is a pattern here.

Create storage - if you’re heading on holiday and need a new wash bag for all of your bits and bobs, you can use an old shirt for the fabric and even use the button stand as the opening on the top. Otherwise you can unpick a zip from an old dress and use that as the closure.

Produce that perfect dress - turn a man’s shirt into a cute strapless women’s dress or top. Cut across the front of the shirt under the arms until you have a simple tube of fabric. Hem the top and create a channel to feed elastic through. Then add a belt around the waist and you have a strapless shirt dress that looks straight off the high street.

It’s all about the accessories - turn an old silky scarf into a gorgeous belt. Simply thread the scarf through 2 'D' rings and position halfway along the scarf. Stitch in place and you have yourself a super cute belt!

The opportunities to recycle clothes are endless - give it a go. If you need more advice or tips, check out the Sew Confident website for class details.