Pull on the walking shoes and explore

Posted by Alex Crate on 25th February 2016

Guest blog from Ross Cameron at Trespass:

At Trespass we believe strongly that enjoying the outdoors goes hand in hand with caring for our environment. If we are to continue enjoying the parks, beaches, mountains, waterways and forests of Scotland we need to do our part to maintain them. 

The benefits of spending time outdoors are staggering. Both physically and mentally, spending time on a walk, bike ride, camping trip or enjoying sports can have a wide range of positive effects. With that though comes the responsibility to take care of the world around us so that these benefits can be enjoyed by all.

Doing your part is easy; if you’re out for a walk – even just to and from work, you’re already helping the planet by reducing pollution. Opting to walk or ride a bike for shorter journeys, rather than driving has a major effect on reducing carbon emissions.

You don’t have to start with mountain climbs either, simply walking to work rather than taking the car or heading out for a stroll rather than driving somewhere on a day off can begin to give you the feel for it and from there, where you take it is up to you. You’d be amazed how many green spaces there are within a short distance, even in cities and there are walks throughout the country perfect for all ages and all abilities.

You won’t be alone either; the walking community is large and welcoming, with groups in most towns and cities. Planned events and days out are always being advertised so walking can also be a very sociable activity as well. While enjoying the solitude and tranquillity of quiet paths has its own benefits, there’s nothing like taking on a trail with some good company too.

Be warned though, it can be addictive. Once you take those first intrepid steps you’ll quickly be hooked and the vast possibilities will open up before you. So when you next find yourself with a free afternoon, turn off the TV, power down your computer and head outdoors; you won’t just be helping the environment, you’ll be doing yourself a world of good too.


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