Keeping warm with Cakehounds

Posted by Alex Crate on 22nd December 2015

Winter is in full swing and baby it’s cold outside. So it’s time for cosy essentials like soft woolly jumpers and comforting home-cooked meals. Creating winter warmer recipes at home is a great way to beat the colder nights and our friends over at Cakehounds have got it sussed.

From baking bread to re-creating their own favourite dishes, they’re passionate about home-cooking. And, right now their Granny’s famous Scotch broth will have you reminiscing of your own family favourite meals. 

Using in-season veg is top of their check list when creating recipes and during the winter months hot pots that last several dinners throughout the week make life that little bit easier. Granny Bab’s Scotch broth is the quintessential comfort food, all you need now are some chunky knitted socks and a Christmas movie to settle down to. 

To try your hand at Granny Bab’s favourite broth, along with lots more winter meal ideas, check out their blog:

Making comforting recipes at home is just one simple step you can take to stay warmer without running up your energy bills. For more advice on how to make your home warm and energy efficient contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 or visit Home Energy Scotland.