Greening Kyle's food waste fortnight!

Posted by admin on 25th May 2015

Greening Kyle is a carbon reduction project run through the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust in Bonar Bridge. This project is in its second year of funding through the Climate Challenge Fund.

Greening Kyle’s focus is on lowering the carbon output of the Kyle of Sutherland area through free home energy visits, an energy advice service, encouraging home food growing and reducing home food waste.

Greening Kyle also organises climate change information evenings, works with the local primary schools to raise awareness of climate change, posts climate change related news, articles and events on our social media channels, and distributes climate change information leaflets.

From the 1st-14th June 2015 we are challenging families in the Kyle of Sutherland area to reduce their food waste, in turn reducing their carbon footprint (and their shopping bills!). Avoidable food and drink waste costs the average household in Scotland around £470 a year (Greener Scotland, 2013). We encourage all families to attempt this challenge, to find out how much money they could save each week.

This is set to be an eye opening event for many families, and will hopefully encourage many to learn how to cook with leftover foods and increase their knowledge of storing food, planning meals, cooking smarter and wasting less.

In the first week of the challenge, households cook and eat as normal but record the weight of the food waste created along with the type of foods that are being wasting. Some of us are constantly throwing out fruit that we don’t eat in time before it goes off or food that has been lost at the back of the fridge and forgotten about. By recording this, you will see what you buy too much of and begin to think of ways to reuse food by freezing some of it for future meals.

The second week is when the change begins. Learn some new habits for reducing your food waste, cook smart and plan meals. The family that reduces their food waste the most will win a family ticket to an Eco Ventures boat tour in the Cromarty Firth to go dolphin watching.

Everyone that participates will hopefully learn to reduce their food waste and lower the cost of their future food shopping bills. Within the official competition we are giving out goodie bags for the first ten families who sign up.

If you are in the Ardgay and Creich council areas then you can join our official challenge and have a chance to win this great family day out.

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We will be posting tasty recipes, helpful hints and useful tips throughout the challenge fortnight. Good luck!