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Posted by admin on 29th January 2016

Get smart: Five clever tech tricks to tackle climate change

With loads of clever gadgets up their sleeve, saving the day for the typical action hero – from Bond to Bauer - is a stroll in the park. Out here in the real world where your arch-villain, Climate Change, is public enemy number one, high-tech gadgets can help us mere mortals be heros too. By tracking our steps to work, the shops and school, even recording the emissions we’re saving by walking instead of taking the car, gadgets and cool phone apps show how even small changes quickly add up. Nearly half of car journeys in Scotland are less than two miles – that’s easy for most of us to walk. And by leaving the car behind, we help cut CO2 emissions. Plus, walking is good for us. It helps clear the head, reduces stress and helps keep us fit.

Armed with the latest gadgets and apps, it’s easy and fun to take steps to help Scotland fight Climate Change.

No getaway car required.

Use these devilishly clever gadgets, apps and smart tech to help win Scotland’s climate change battle:

  • Greener Scotland’s Journeys free iPhone app calculates the calories burned and how much carbon you’ve saved by leaving the car. There’s even a mood diary so you can track how great it makes you feel.
  • There are lots of clever fitness gadgets on the market. From simple pedometers that tot up your steps, to GPS wristwatches that record your route, speed, even your heart rate. About the only thing they don’t do is mix your Martini.
  • Websites and apps like Mapmywalk and Endomondo are great for tracking your route. Set personal goals, share progress on social media and challenge friends.
  • Tune in, stride out. Download an audio book or podcast and the miles will race by. Put on your favourite playlist and step to the beat.
  • Use an online map or navigation smartphone app to plot shortcuts and pleasant routes away from heavy traffic. Most estimate how long it’ll take – you might be surprised how quick it can be on foot. For longer journeys, your local bus company’s app has the latest bus times.

Activate apps. Engage legs. Now let’s go help Scotland in the fight against Climate Change. Saving the world isn’t just for the movies.

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