Give garden birds a helping hand and reduce your food waste

Posted by admin on 24th February 2014

We are all familiar with the sad, lonely apple, languishing at the bottom of the fruit bowl.

All is not lost! The blue tits, chaffinches, blackbirds and other feathered friends that call your garden home are more than happy to make a meal of that apple.

Our wonderful garden species rely on a helping hand, especially during the colder months when natural food sources are in short supply.

Here are some food waste items you can put to use on your bird table:

  • Fruit that has passed its prime, bits of seeds and nuts at the bottom of the packet – this makes fantastic, high energy food for a great variety of species.
  • Potatoes are also a favourite. Many people are surprised to find out that baked potatoes (cold and opened up), roast potatoes and even mashed potatoes (unsalted and with added real fats) are all suitable foods for bids. However, chips are rarely eaten by garden birds.
  • Mild grated cheese is a favourite with robins, dunnocks, blackbirds and song thrushes. It will also help wrens if you place it under hedgerows and other areas in your garden where you've noticed them feeding.
  • Pastry – birds love it just as much as we do! Cooked or uncooked, pastry is an excellent food source- especially if it has been made with real fats.

So, as you can see garden birds aren’t too picky and will happily enjoy your unwanted kitchen scraps and help you reduce your food waste.

We advise you to avoid setting out food with added salt as it isn’t good for our feathered friends. Using a bird table and putting out small quantities at a time will also stop the food attracting any unwanted vermin.

If you’d like more tips on feeding garden birds and how to give nature a home in your garden, check out our website and sign up for your free guide.