EVs on the road

Posted by Neil Harrison on 21st February 2017

When it comes to electric vehicles (EV) people have questions. Lots of them. Questions such as:

  • What are the running costs (inc. purchase price, batteries and maintenance)?
  • Do you need to carry a spare battery in the car?
  • What does an in-home charging point look like?
  • Can you charge car at other people’s houses from the mains?
  • Do you have to pay to charge your car in public places?
  • Do you get a warning as the battery runs down?
  • What / where do you go for repairs (and how much)?
  • What happens if there’s a power cut?

These are just a sample of the questions raised when we undertook some research into the attitudes of the public to EVs. It was clear that there was a need to improve the understanding of the practicalities.

So our field team hit the road in 2016 to start spreading the word on the facts about EVs. They were answering a wide variety of questions and helping people see if an EV is right for them now. With the ever growing network of charging points, improvement in vehicle range and being able to charge your car at home, an EV is a greener and cleaner option for more and more drivers.

The evaluation of the activity in 2016 showed that the people who visited the stand had learnt more about EVs, had a more a positive attitude towards them and 67% shared the information they had gathered with someone else.

The team are back on the road over the next 3-weeks. So if you want to learn more about EVs stop by the stand for a chat. You can also take the opportunity to enter the competition being run by Energy Saving Trust to win a weekend EV Roadtrip.

Stirling Thistles - Kings Square: 23rd February - 26th February
Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird: 2nd March - 5th March
Glasgow Fort Piazza Area 1: 9th March - 12th March

If you are are not able to make it along to any of these locations, please visit our EV Homepage.