Energy Pimp Your Home - John Lewis Edinburgh

Posted by admin on 15th October 2015

Being energy efficient can be about the fabric of your home, such as insulation, your windows or heating system (which Home Energy Scotland can happily advise you on). However, from a home electrical perspective there are gadgets which can help add to your energy efficiency credentials. 

Chris Morgan, a selling Partner in the Electrical Home Technology department at John Lewis Edinburgh, gives us his top tips for making the most of devices in the home. 

Nowadays, many of us love to own the latest gadgets; from phones to watches and more. But when it comes to gadgets for the home it’s not just a case of buying the right product, it’s making sure that you’re using it efficiently. 

The good news is there are plenty of appliances available to help you save energy at home. The Nest Learning Thermostat (£179) and the Hive Active Heating Thermostat (£249.95) are both available in store and are two of the smartest thermostats on the market. You can control your energy usage remotely from your phone meaning that you can be out and about and turn off the heating back at home if no one is in, or you can switch it on to make sure you’ve got it nice and cosy for you getting home!  The product even provides a monthly energy report to highlight avoidable costs.

Fridges and washing machines are an essential in the home and the various energy efficiency gradings can be confusing; however it’s good to consider the size of unit for your home. For instance, a bigger fridge-freezer may have a better energy-efficiency grade than a smaller one, but you will need to pay the costs for running the larger machine over the years. Try and pick something that is suitable for you and your family to make sure that the product is an investment, and efficient for your needs. 

Household appliances left on standby will rack up those energy bills – that’s everything from your TV to your radio. The Monster High Definition HDP 750G PowerCenter (£49.99) automatically turns off equipment not in use saving you money on your energy bills. Smart and efficient! 

Being efficient in the home doesn’t always require gadgets and there are plenty handy tops to remember to cut your bills. For example, when making a cuppa, filling your kettle full every time can waste money. The more water you use, the longer it takes to boil and of course, the more energy it takes up. Similarly when it comes to cleaning your clothes, a quick wash can seem more appealing, but by putting your linens through an eco-wash each time you’ll save yourself cash in the long term. 

These days, we’re all using our phones on the go which means battery life is key. It also means charging for long periods of time. To combat the long periods of energy usage, turn your phone to aeroplane mode and make sure the GPS / location services are switched off to save you a few hours of charging and more importantly to lower those energy bills.

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