Be inspired by Paris climate change talks and up your greener game

Posted by Kim Wallace on 2nd December 2015

The climate talks in Paris are in full swing. International leaders are busy discussing the future health of our planet and by the end of the negotiations, a new and legally binding climate change agreement will hopefully be agreed.

Things have moved on greatly since the last attempt to reach a climate agreement in 2009. The Scottish Parliament set world leading emissions reductions targets; an ambitious 80 per cent reduction by 2050. By 2020, we’re aiming for 42 per cent emissions reduction.

How are we doing?

Not bad actually. Scotland has already achieved three quarters of its world-leading target on cutting emissions.  Our independent assessor, the Committee on Climate Change, has also recognised that as a country we are making good progress against our targets. We’re outperforming the UK as a whole and the EU average for emissions reductions which means we’re punching above our weight in the international effort to tackle climate change. 

This is good news and it is progress but, it’s not enough. Climate change is real, it’s happening and it affects all of us.  

To make a real difference, we all need to do more, more often.

How can you play your part? 

You can do simple things every day that will make a big difference. You might even be doing more than you realise. Washing your clothes at 30 degrees, turning your thermostat down by one degree, minimising food waste and walking shorter journeys are some great ways to get your green on.

You see! You might even be doing some of these things already and not realise how much you’re helping the environment. And if we all join in, the impact is so much more. 

It’s good that the majority of us recycle these days but what about the rest? If only we could apply the same enthusiasm to other areas needing attention then we could all really make a difference. 

So, let’s make the Paris climate talks the start of something. Let’s all make an effort to be more energy efficient, keep our food waste down and make smarter travel choices wherever we can.

Our climate is changing but by making simple, better lifestyle choices, everyone can join us in helping to limit the consequences.