A Greener Back To School

Posted by Neil Harrison on 5th August 2016

As the new school year approaches parents up and down the country are busy getting the school supplies and switching back into the term time routine. There are a few ways kids and parents can make some changes to go back to school in a greener style.

The Trip To/From School

Don’t automatically jump in the car to take the kids to/from school. Are you close enough to walk? Is cycling an option? A more active trip to school could be just what is needed. After a 20 minute walk our brains are much more active. Exercise causes your body to create more brain cells and connections. This means your brain becomes more powerful and has a greater capacity for learning. Just what is needed for a day of learning.

Or can public transport get you there just as quick as the car?

The Packed Lunch

There are many ways a packed lunch can be greener, such as:

  • Use leftovers from the night before dinner.
  • Use packaging that is reusable. So have a water bottle you can refill rather than a disposable one.  Or wrap your sandwich in a reusable bag rather than using cling film or tin foil.
  • Bring variety to the pack lunch by using local in-season produce.
  • Make sure any leftovers that cannot be used again are put in the food waste bin.

School Uniform

If the uniform is in good condition but no longer fits after the summer growth spurt check to see if your school has a second hand uniform scheme you can donate the clothes to. Alternatively, if the clothes are past their best the fabric can be recycled and used for something else.


If your school is involved in the Eco-Schools programme get involved. Or if your school is not signed up, speak to your head teacher about getting on board.