Everyone has a dirty little secret, but is yours going to cost you £80?

Tell your friends you found something dirty on the internet

No more dirty little secrets

Your dirty little secret could lead to you being fined. The penalty is £80 and if you don’t pay it, you may be prosecuted and risk a fine of up to £2,500. Local Authorities or the police can give out penalties when they spot you leaving litter anywhere that’s not a bin (putting it near a bin counts too). What’s counted as litter? It can be anything, from cigarette butts to food and drink packaging, banana skins and apple cores. 

Why is this dirty little secret such a big deal? Well, apart from it just looking a mess, litter can attract rats and seagulls, damage cars, cause fires, put off tourists and disrupt businesses.

It can take years for fruit peel and plastic to decompose. Did you know that a little cigarette butt can take more than a decade to decompose, whilst spreading toxins that pollute water and harm wildlife? And it’s costing taxpayers £53 million a year to tackle litter and flytipping. 

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