The Green Deal

If you’d like to make your home easier and cheaper to heat, you could be able to make improvements to your home without having to pay all of the costs upfront with the Green Deal. From smaller projects like draught-proofing and loft insulation to new heating systems and double glazing, the simple process lets you pay off the costs of work through your electricity bill and enjoy the benefits sooner. Home Energy Scotland from the Scottish Government can give you the impartial, independent advice you need to get started.

The Green Deal is a UK mainland-wide scheme, but some of the points below are specific to Scotland. Check the scheme summary on for more details.


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Getting your home assessed

The first step is to choose a Green Deal assessor, who will come to your home and assess it, alongside your energy needs and current usage. You may need to pay for the assessment upfront. The assessor will produce a Green Deal Advice Report for you. This will include their recommendations for improvements you could make and how much you may expect to save. If the assessor recommends a particular supplier or product, work cannot begin without your permission. You can find authorised Green Deal Assessors on the Green Deal website.

Who does the work?

You must use Green Deal authorised providers and installers, who should have the Green Deal Approved Quality Mark. You are free to use ones you choose yourself, or you may use the ones suggested by your assessor if they provide a recommendation. The assessment is not a contract and does not commit you to using the recommended providers and installers.


Signing a Green Deal Plan

What you pay for your improvements is based on how much you might expect to save. For work to start, you will need to sign a Green Deal Plan, which is a contract between you and the provider that will show the cost you will pay, including the interest rate. Make sure you understand the repayment rules before you sign.


Find the right provider

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Paying the costs back

You will pay the money back through your electricity bill. Most improvements should reduce your heating bill but this will depend on your energy use and the future cost of fuel. If you have a prepaid electricity meter, a small amount will be deducted each day.


What if I move out (or in) to a Green Deal home?

If you move, the Green Deal will stay with the property as you will no longer be benefiting from the improvements.

If you move in, even if you are a tenant, you will take on the cost of the Green Deal as you will benefit from lower heating costs. When you move in, the landlord or seller of the property must show you a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate so that you are aware of the improvements that have been made and what they will cost to repay.


What support can I get?

Other advice, support and grants are also available.

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