Stupidly simple

Posted by admin on 26th May 2015

With benefits such as improved health, more money in your pocket, reducing waste and a better local environment it is clear that there is much to be gained by adopting a greener lifestyle.

In fact with many of the steps involved in becoming greener being such common sense, like turning down your thermostat by 1-degree (you will not notice the difference), the path ahead could be described as stupidly simple.

To highlight this we asked stand-up comedian Phil Kay to go on a stupidly simple journey of discovery to find out why it is important we all think about becoming greener and what action can be taken. Phil is speaking to a range of experts on various topics and interviewing some Scots who've already made some of the changes.

Over May and June 2015 we are releasing a video each week from Phil’s journey. Phil is looking into:

1. Why we should be greener?

2. How we can improve our health and help the environment by relying on the car less?

3. The impact of food waste, what is costs each house and how we can all eat local in-season food?

4. Reducing how much we throw out and re-loving what we have?

5. What we can do to have a warm and snug home without ramping up the utility bills?

So follow Phil on his journey and learn how your own life could become greener – it really is stupidly simple.

Please feel free to share these videos, embed them in your websites or blogs and help spread the message. If you would like more information on this campaign please contact