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Saving Energy

Managing your home heating. Switching off a light. Not leaving things on standby. Choosing to buy an energy efficient washing machine. They all add up. And by doing them together, we can all save energy and money and create a cleaner, greener Scotland.

If everyone in Scotland turned down their thermostat

In fact saving energy in the home can involve a number of simple and easy steps. It is stupidly simple.

Stupidly Simple - Saving Energy at Home

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Figures provided by the Energy Saving Trust.

Homes and workplaces across Scotland could save energy in big and small ways every day. See how you could be part of it.

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At a glance guide to saving energy

You can also do a lot to save energy in the workplace. Control heating and air conditioning. Install motion sensitive lighting and update computers, printers and other equipment to energy efficient models.

There's lots you can do to save energy as a group - and generate power too. Join a community initiative, set up your own project or share the cost of generating power locally.

How to save energy and money at home

You can cut your bills and help to make Scotland a cleaner, greener place.

Download the knitting pattern

Instructions for knitting Doug the Caterpillar draught excluder.

Energy Efficient Virtual House

Saving energy is an essential part of greener living and helps cut household bills.

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