Give Me Cycle Space

Posted by admin on 11th June 2014

Katie Wright, Communications Officer from Cycling Scotland, talks about the Give Me Cycle Space campaign. 

With pupils cycling to school over the summer term and Active Travel high on the agenda, the Give Me Cycle Space campaign, running through May and June, has aimed to encourage motorists to be more aware of, give plenty of space to, and slow down for children on bikes. 

Give Me Cycle Space also points parents and children to information about choosing cycle routes to school. The awareness campaign is accompanied by a national road show by the Riderz stunt team, touring 40 schools all across Scotland, spreading the Give Me Cycle Space message whilst getting kids excited about cycling to school. The road show has included a range of activities including Dr Bike maintenance sessions, route planning, and an amazing stunt show by some of the country’s top trials and BMX riders.

This year the Give Me Cycle Space campaign is running across a record 20 local authorities, with over 18,000 primary school children getting involved.

We’ve has some wonderful feedback already from schools involved this year, and the kids have been having a fantastic time with the Riderz! We were delighted to receive the letter below from Roslyn Shanks, the depute head teacher of Crawforddyke Primary School, which is one of our participating schools. It’s really encouraging to hear that more children are cycling to school as a result of the campaign, and that schools are so enthusiastic about encouraging cycling for both kids and adults.

One of the adults said:

I wanted to write to say what an amazing time we had when the Riderz stunt team came to our school. The team were so talented, enthusiastic and friendly and, more than anything, they were an absolute inspiration! The activities throughout the day were fun and informative, but of course the stunt show was the highlight!

Our school is really trying to encourage safe cycling for children and adults, and this helped spread the 'Give Me Cycle Space' message as well as encouraging people to get on their bikes. Today, for example, we must have at least 100 bikes and scooters in the school...even more than the Riderz day. We are now focusing on becoming an official 'Cycle Friendly School' and the Riderz day will certainly help us achieve this. Thank you so much for helping us experience this great opportunity.

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