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We can all do our bit to help make Scotland a cleaner and greener place to live. And eating greener is a great place to begin.

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By making smarter food choices we can help to protect Scotland’s environment and our own health. To get started, look out for local food – particularly in season fruit and veg – and reduce food waste.

Produce that’s grown locally often doesn’t have to travel as far to get to us, which reduces the carbon emissions related to its transport.

It can often taste better too because it’s been grown at the right time of year and is chock-full of flavour and nutrients. Which all adds up to a more delicious and nutritious ‘5 a day’.

To enjoy even fresher tastes and support local businesses, it’s sometimes possible to buy food direct from producers. It may help to reduce shopping trips too.

Growing your own food is an option. Try starting with a window box of herbs. If you have a garden or can apply for an allotment in your local area, you could work your way up to a veg patch.   


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Cutting back on food waste is another smart move. A lot of the food we throw away is perfectly good to eat. We can make a big difference to food bills when we use up leftovers and plan meals in advance. And Scotland’s environment will thank us for it too because cutting avoidable food waste is the same as taking one in five cars off our roads.


Looking out for local produce and in-season food, thinking more about what we eat, and reducing food waste can add up to a healthier lifestyle, bank balance and environment.


Find out how best to shop for, prepare and store fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, bakery goods, meat and fish, and dairy products.

Look out for food produced locally in season where you live. Visit your local farmers' market or sign up to a farm produce box scheme. You could also try growing your own food.

In season food is tasty and flavoursome, look out for signs and labels highlighting in season food. Use your freezer to stock up and make the most of in season fruit and veg. Try our recipe finder to find out more.

Why choose to eat greener?

You can help make Scotland a cleaner, greener place to live by eating greener.

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